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You are welcome to email specific queries to committee members - please remember roles are voluntary & replies may take time! Marcela Watts Anka Matusik Andrea Millington --- Scotia McCombie

Committee 2018/19

Position holders are appointed every four years by UKCSV Club Members based upon the experience & strengths they are best able to bring to respective roles.


Marcela Watts - responsible for overall progression & international liaison, Marcela brings incomparable experience as a CSV owner & inimitable passion for the future of the CSV in UK.


Anka Matusik - responsible for all financial transactions & ensuring transparent fiscal accounts. Anka has considerable CSV experience & ownership, both in UK & in Europe.


Andrea Millington - responsible for administrative & organisational requirements. Andrea grew up with an F1 Wolfdog & brings initiative, drive, honesty & discretion in our club's future.



Scotia McCombie - responsible for design & marketing materials to ensure consistent branding. Wolfdog owner since 2013, thirty years experience with GSD's & passionate horse owner.